Eco-Friendly Coconut Bowls and Spoons Set of 2


Set of 2 Bamboo Coconut Bowls, Spoons and Straw with Cleaning Brush.

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Eco-friendly coconut and spoons by Jungle Culture are handmade by skilled artisans in Southern Vietnam. These sustainable Buddha bowls currently come in five unique eco styles. Each coconut bowl and spoon set is organic and natural , so shape and size may vary slightly from our pictures but we think this adds to their charm!

Your coconut shell bowls and spoons are perfect for smoothies and breakfast bowls.

Set contains:

2 x eco-friendly Coconut Bowls, 2 x Reclaimed Wooden Spoons, 1 x Bamboo Straw, 1 x Coconut Fibre Cleaning Straw          and 1 x Natural Jute Straw Sleeve.



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Striped, Geometric, Leaf Pattern, Cosmos, Classic


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